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Wellness Staff

Meet the Staff of Our Acupuncture and Wellness Center

Dr. S. Erin Baldt


S. Erin Baldt, DAc, received her training from Southwest Acupuncture College in Santa Fe, NM and is board certified by the National Certification Committee for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. Dr. Baldt is a past President and Vice President of the Rhode Island Society of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. Dr. Baldt’s internships have included: oncology, women’s health, and spinal pain. In 2002, after working for 2 years in a pain management clinic in Pawtucket, she opened Acupuncture & Wellness Ctr. of RI, Inc. (AWCRI).

She has a professional affiliation with the New England Anesthesiology Pain Management Center and is a member of the American Society of Acupuncturists. Dr. Baldt is also a member of the American Academy of Pain Management. She also has staff privileges at Roger Williams Medical Center as well as Fatima Hospital.

In February 2012, she joined the staff at the Miriam Hospital in the Oncology/Hematology Department’s infusion center. Patients received acupuncture to relieve pain, anxiety, nausea, depression or any other symptom that he/she needed help overcoming. Now Dr. Baldt enjoys helping oncology patients at her own practice.

When Erin is not at AWCRI, she enjoys walks with the dogs on the beach near her home. Originally from Delaware, Erin has a B.A. in English from the University of Delaware and received her Acupuncture training in sunny Santa Fe, NM, and enjoyed living there very much before returning east. Her pastimes include: photography, volunteering for Amos House, horticulture, hiking, reading, collecting textiles, shooting sporting clays and learning new things.Erin is an an avid aquarist, and a member of the Irish Ceilidhe Club of Rhode Island and the Yankee Weimeraner Club.

Dr. Carol Daukas


Dr. Carol Daukas is a Diplomate in Oriental Medicine, the highest Certification from the NCCAOM. She is board certified in Acupuncture, Chinese Herbology and Oriental Medicine.

Her interest in medicine is in her DNA: for three generations before her, her family practiced as physicians, nurses, and mid-wife. At age 17, Carol experienced the limitations of Western medicine when she got Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. She realized that to effectively treat herself, she had to build herself up, instead of focusing solely on eradicating illness through allopathic medicine. Says Carol, “I want to treat the source of illness and not just the symptoms.”

So began Carol’s medical journey. After earning her undergraduate degree in English literature from the University of California at Berkeley, she attended the Boulder School of Massage Therapy to become a licensed Massage Therapist. She spent many years in private practice specializing in neuromuscular and trigger point therapy.

She then brought this unique skill set to her current specialized field of acupuncture physical medicine. She graduated from the Tri-State College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in 2001.

With her expertise in acupuncture, Chinese herbs and her background in massage therapy, she provides true holistic health care.

Dr Daukas is trained in the best tradition of the classical acupuncture of China, Japan, and Europe, as well as in the modern principles of physical medicine.

She is a licensed in Rhode Island, Florida, New York and Connecticut.

Andrea Nero


“Seventy-five cents of every dollar Americans spend on healthcare goes to the treatment of chronic diseases that can be prevented through basic lifestyle changes. I believe that much of what brings people to the doctor can be fought with a fork, a good pair of sneakers, and a few visits with knowledgeable practitioners who can help define a personalized health regimen.  Each of us has unique, discoverable nutritional requirements that, when met, can help resolve puzzling symptoms. Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), fibromyalgia, migraine and many other disabling conditions are often aggravated by diet. My practice uses new technology in the detection of hidden food sensitivities – sensitivities that often have patients going from doctor to doctor and test to test, only to still suffer. I can help you pinpoint the problem and create a personalized meal plan that gets you well again. If you have celiac or are gluten-intolerant, there are many nutritional elements that need to be navigated that I can help with.  Many people come to nutritionists after conventional medical treatments fail, when really it should be the other way around. Targeted dietary changes can often help manage costly medical problems. Visit my website at www.gourmetRD.com to learn more, or email me at GourmetRD@gmail.com. If you have a feeling something in your diet is causing your symptoms, it probably is.”

Licensed and Registered Dietitian, Certified LEAP Therapist, M.S. Nutrition, Tufts University Dietetic Internship, Tufts-New England Medical Center Hospital, Boston, MA, B.S. Nutrition and Dietetics, University of Rhode Island A.S. Culinary Arts, Johnson & Wales University R.D. Registered Dietitian L.D.N. Licensed Dietitian/Nutrition, RI License #LDN00249, C.L.T. Certified LEAP Therapist for the dietary management of irritable bowel, migraine, fibromyalgia and other chronic inflammatory disorders